I don’t eat “low fat” food

Well, we made it through day one of this weight loss adventure.  I didn’t even give into the temptation to step on the scale.  I am on the fence when it comes to the question of how often you should weigh in while you’re trying to lose weight.  It seems that sometimes doing a daily weigh in is a good way to monitor progress, but when you don’t see the numbers moving the way you want them

lose 40 pounds

Yeah. I don’t restrain myself very well if I start on cookies and milk.

to, it can be majorly frustrating.  I’ve stomped away from the bathroom scale and grabbed a snack out of frustration on more than one occasion.  For now, I’m staying away from the scale.  I’ve also stayed away from food so far today and it is around 11 A.M.  Probably not the best plan of attack, but I’ve been busy this morning and I didn’t really think about eating until just now.

Why I don’t buy “low fat” food for myself

Personally, I find most low fat food kind of gross.  It seems to me that they take out the fat and replace it with sugar which just sends my body into instant craving mode.  I was a chunky teenager back in the 1980s when all of the low fat stuff really kicked into high gear.  Over the summer between my 9th and 10th grade year, I basically starved myself and exercised like a madman.  I ate 1200 calories a day, max, and I would ride my bike 20 plus miles a day, then go out and run between 3 and 6 miles at night when the temperature dropped.  I had a weight loss buddy at the time, so that made things more tolerable, but I was constantly hungry.  I remember a point during that summer when I realized that I was looking at that hungry feeling as a signal that maybe I was losing weight.  I got to enjoy the hunger pains in some strange way.  I’m not really in that place anymore.  That was probably the last time I was at a government approved weight.  College got me away from being slim in a hurry.  I didn’t stop after packing on the freshman 15.  I went for the 40.  It wasn’t pretty.

I seem to have drifted away from my low fat thoughts.  I’ve tried eating low fat food and exercising many times since college.  I have always ended up cranky, hungry, and miserable.  Ever see those Snickers commercials?  That is what I feel like when I eat low fat food and feel hungry.  When I cut carbs out (even if I am still eating relatively low fat) I don’t get as many nasty, cranky hunger moods throughout the day.  That’s why I tend to go for low carb.  After a few days of adjusting, I generally can get through the days without constantly obsessing over how much I wish I was eating “something good”.  That is part of what convinced me that bread and pasta are not a good match for me when I’m in diet mode.  They definitely kick my hunger into high gear and I don’t like that at all.

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