278.5 pounds 4.5 down Day 3 of weight loss

This morning I am at 278.5 pounds.  That is one and a half pounds down from yesterday and 4.5 pounds total since I started 3 days ago.  As expected, things started to slow down a bit.  I’ve been busy after work, but I’ve got to add exercise to this routine if I want it to work.

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Eating healthy

My back has been bothering me lately, and I think it is in part because of the weight I’m carrying around.  It hurts to lay down at night, but after I’ve been on the bed for a while, my back seems to “unclench” for lack of a better word.  Sometimes I think it would feel good to be able to hang upside down and let my back decompress from all the extra weight it has been carrying.

I want to emphasize again that I’m no longer really trying to lose 40 pounds in 40 days.  That seemed like a nifty idea at the time I set this weight loss blog up, but now I think it is just a set up for failure and frustration.  For now, I’m just using this space to keep myself accountable.


Today I had a salad with just veggies and cheese for lunch.  I had an orange for breakfast.  For dinner I was pretty hungry and had two and a half pieces of chicken sausage, a leftover frozen burger patty, creamed spinach, and some cauliflower.  I also ate an orange later.  Not great, but I did avoid a lot of carbs for the most part.  As a snack, I ate a few small stem tomatoes through the afternoon.

I’ve got two “food events” coming up in the next two days.  I historically don’t handle these well.  This is an example of where an alcoholic would just stay out of a bar, but I don’t have that option with these events.

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